IBCP Subject Choices at MIC

The Career-related Program comprises three elements:

1. Academic subjects from the IB Diploma Program (at least two subjects)

2. IBCP Core Components (four core subjects completed by all students)

3. Career-related Studies (one of five streams with flexibility for students with special interests).


1. Academic Subjects from the IB Diploma Program

The IBCP requires students to complete a minimum of two IB Diploma Program subjects. Students at MIC should plan to study at least three Diploma Program subjects (maximum of five).

The IB Diploma Program subjects chosen should be relevant to the student’s career-related studies so that academic and professional skills are developed together to provide a connected skillset relevant to a future career.

Language A: Language and Literature is a compulsory subject; Mathematics Studies is also strongly recommended but a six month Mathematics Foundation (non IB) course can be studied instead to fulfill Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QQCAA) requirements.

Numbers and combinations of subjects are dependent on the career-related study chosen, the capability and work ethic of the student, subject scores in year 10 and post-school career and study plans.

MIC offers the following IB Diploma subjects, with all subjects taught at the Standard Level (SL). These are taught at MIC’s Forest Glen campus.

Language A: Language and Literature

Mathematics Studies



Sports Exercise and Health Science

Visual Arts

Students may apply to study one online Pamoja course, by negotiation.

Example courses offered include:


Business Management



Information Technology in a Global Society

Mandarin, French or Spanish Ab initio

Mathematics SL or HL

2. IBCP Core Components

All students in the IBCP complete all four of the IBCP Core Components throughout the two year program.

Each student has a supervisor or coordinator allocated to them for each of their ICBCP Core Components. The supervisor/coordinator provides support and guidance throughout the two years of the IBCP and monitors student progress.

The four IBCP Core Components are:

Personal and Professional Skills

Service Learning

Language Development

Reflective Project

3. Career-related Studies

At MIC, staff work closely each student and their family to build a personalised Career-related Program related to their career interest. Career-related studies may include undertaking TAFE subjects, University of the Sunshine Coast HeadStart Program subjects, in-school traineeships or internships. Career-related studies will be different for each student.

Example CP Program – Nursing

If a student had an interest in Nursing/Health Sciences, the following example program could be created which includes their academic subjects from the IB Diploma Program, the IBCP Core Components and their career-related studies.

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