What do the children do each day in the Senior Phase program? What is the curriculum?

Montessori International College delivers the National Curriculum, but in a totally Montessori way – with purpose and meaning. We prepare our students for adulthood so that they can lead happy and purposeful lives, which fulfill their aspirations and which contribute to making the world a beautiful, just and peaceful place. This is achieved by meeting the psychological, social and physical needs of the adolescent through a prepared environment which encourages meaningful work, life experience and a love of learning.

Do the students study OP subjects?

Students can undertake OP subjects just like any other student, and they can also study university or TAFE subjects depending upon their interests or inclinations.

Can students undertake the International baccalaureate?

Montessori International College is working towards introducing the International baccalaureate within the next couple of years.

How do MIC graduates go to university?

There are a number of pathways for Montessori International students to go to university. Students can gain entry through their OP results (or through the International baccalaureate once established) or they can be recommended by the MIC Principal for a course at the University of the Sunshine Coast as part of an agreement between the two learning institutions.

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