The Senior Phase Program at MIC

 In our Senior Phase (Year 10 -12) we prepare students to lead happy and purposeful lives. This is achieved by meeting the academic, social and emotional needs of the adolescent through an environment which encourages purposeful work, life experience and a love of learning.

When you walk into the Senior Phase environment the first thing you notice is it looks and feels more like a creative workspace or university than a school. One student adds images and words to a timeline of human conflict over the past century that stretches across the whole room. Another student is editing a Science film – an animation showing where the atomic elements used in mobile phones are sourced. Nearby a maths teacher and students investigate how to apply their knowledge of trigonometry to the designs of their scale models of buildings. In the room next door a teacher and students plan an upcoming community event, and on the verandah overlooking the bushland a student works independently, adding the finishing touches to a painting.

These are self-motivated students with a love of learning.

This is a normal day in the Montessori International College Senior Phase program.

A typical morning begins with a community meeting to plan the day, teachers check how students are going and everyone discusses current events in the news. Some students then break off into groups for specific academic classes such as English or Mathematics. Other students work independently – completing assessments tasks for university or TAFE courses.

Students use the kitchen to make lunch for themselves or they work together to create a communal meal. A question about platypuses becomes a study of the monotreme’s natural environment and before long this leads to an investigation of the creek that runs through our rainforest, involving students testing the water and looking for evidence of burrows.

The last part of the day is spent looking after their environment; washing dishes, sweeping floors, watering plants and tidying in preparation for tomorrow’s classes. At Montessori International College students are not only given clear pathways to university and future employment, they are given the practical skills they will need for their future independence.

Subjects Studied at MIC

Year 10 Subjects

  • English
  • Humanities (History, Geography, Civics and Citizenship)
  • Mathematics
  • Music
  • Science
  • Visual Art
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Personal Project (all students undertake a year long project)

Link – Year 10 Curriculum Overview

Year 11-12 Subjects

  • English (OP subject)
  • English Communication
  • Mathematics A or B (OP subject)
  • Ancient History (OP subject)
  • Biology (OP subject)
  • Business Communication and Technologies (OP subject)
  • Music in Practice
  • Physical Education (OP subject)
  • Technology Studies (OP subject)
  • Visual Art in Practice

Students may also include the following as part of their senior program:

  • Headstart (University of Sunshine Coast)
  • TAFE courses
  • School-based Traineeships

Click here to read about the Senior Phase subject choices.

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