Why have the IB Program at MIC?

MIC has chosen to offer the International Baccalaureate as its core values and goals are in harmony with the Montessori philosophy.

Both educational philosophies promote:

  • method rather than content
  • individual inquiry
  • social and community behaviour
  • education for peace
  • child-centred approach
  • high expectations – “all children are capable”
  • self-discipline and integral sense of purpose
  • diversity leading to global perspectives
  • balance and harmony in the person
  • connections between learning areas
  • solid, hard and uninterrupted work.

The IB program challenges students to excel not only in their studies but also in their personal growth. As it provides for highly personalised, flexible learning it caters for all students. An IB education:

  • focuses on learnersIB programs are student-centred and promote healthy relationships, ethical responsibility and personal challenge
  • develops effective approaches to teaching and learningIB programs are taught by teachers who help students to learn how to develop the attitudes and skills they need for both academic and personal success
  • works within global contexts – IB programs increase understanding of languages and cultures and explore globally significant ideas and issues
  • explores significant content IB programs offer a curriculum that is broad and balanced, conceptual and connected.


IBCP Subject Choices at MIC

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