Montessori+ covers our  after school programs which include art, coding, creative writing, dance, drama, fitness, gymnastics, language, music, sport and yoga.

Creative artists and facilitators have been engaged from throughout the community to facilitate these workshops – and we are truly privileged to have such high calibre professionals offering these classes. The programs will run after school from Monday to Friday from 3.30-6.00pm, and costs will range from $50 to $300 for the term. Enrolments are open to friends of the MIC community as well.

Please read below about the artists and facilitators involved with Montessori+.

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Electives offer opportunities for student and staff enrichment. Staff work in a creative space which enables them to share specific skills. These programs facilitate opportunities for children and staff to work across a mix of ages within the junior and senior primary school. In addition to these benefits the Electives enable parents the opportunity to interact with staff beyond their child’s and/or children’s class Guide and/or Assistant which in turn enhances student and parent understanding of the whole college community.

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