Alli BartonYoga Tutor

    Alli Barton is a primary school educator, a qualified yoga instructor and the founder of the Collectively Bare movement designed to enhance the rawness within individual beings which is often foreshadowed by characteristics that have been made up through life experiences.

    Alli has been developing yoga, wellness and mindfulness programs for teachers and students in schools starting this year and continues to follow her passion for positive change to the people in our community. Collectively Bare, Alli, aims to bare each true identity to allow students the possibility to function at a supreme level as they experience opportunities for self growth and an increase of self and environmental awareness. Alli combines yoga, wellness and mindfulness activities to achieve desired goals.

    Alli is passionate about making a difference to our community and is dedicated to contributing to positive change for all participants.

    Alli is excited to be a part of the positive movement of mental health amongst children, youth, adolescent, and adults living on the Sunshine Coast.

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