Amanda KlupfelAfter School & Vacation Care Guide & Group Leader

    Current: Diploma of Early Childhood bridging course

    Why are you involved with Montessori Education?
    I love the way that the Montessori philosophy facilitates empowered learning opportunities for children. I enjoy providing a space for creativity and discovery, in my role as After School Care Guide.

    What year did you commence at Montessori International College?
    I commenced working as a casual relief teacher and assistant, in all areas of the school, early 2017. I then accepted the role of After School Care Guide as well, at the start of term 1 2018.

    How would you describe what you do?
    As the After School Care Guide, I provide a fun, creative space for students to learn, play, and explore. I supervise Early Years classes, for non contact time, during school days as well.

    What’s your favourite thing about your role?
    I enjoy observing how students take an activity and create whole new games or craft ideas, by using their imagination!

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