Angela R-PolinskiCreative Writer

    Angela from Cursive Charms started out in the formal world of corporate and government technical writing in her mid 20’s but decided she needed a new direction. “I wanted to move away from the functional software and human resources focused documentation I had been developing and learn more about developing text and narrative through language and cultural myths in our society. From there, I became increasingly intrigued in creative writing as part of my Communications degree studies. There I found adventures! I have enjoyed studying and working on short story writing, screen writing, news writing and ethics, business and technical writing and semiotic analysis but I am most passionate and fuelled by the unfolding narratives of our own cultural stories. I started story development with my daughter as a character building tool and I then developed the workshops. My goal is to share these workshops with other keen young writers learning about values, confidence and hero qualities in their own evolving worlds of words”.

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