Flora LeungMandarin Specialist

    MA. (Chinese), MEd., GraDipEd., BTeach.

    Why are you involved with Montessori Education?I
    Before I joined Montessori, I have been teaching at main stream and international schools. I just feel more comfortable to work with students of different ages, levels and cultural backgrounds. The mission of Montessori Education matches my value and belief towards teaching and learning. That is why I involved with Montessori.

    Years at Montessori International College
    2 years.

    How would you describe what you do?
    I treat all students as individuals and guide them according to their needs and interests. There are lots of preparation work to be done for a Montessori classroom. When I see those happy faces trying and learning in my lessons, I feel happy no matter how much time and effort required. Children should be learning at their own paces and learn to take control of their learning. I am here at Montessori guiding and having great time with my students.

    What’s your favourite thing about your role?
    My favourite thing about my role is to see the students learn and grow everyday. Learning another languages is not an easy task. It requires consistency in learning and practising. Mandarin is one of the hard languages to learn for English speakers. Students of Montessori have been showing me their initiatives to learn and accept challenges. It has been rewarding for me is to guide students learn.

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