Kimberley SternLearning Engagement and Enrichment Program Coordinator

    3-6 Early Childhood Montessori Centre International; GradDip Secondary and Special Educational University of Canberra; MS PSIL University of Southern Mississippi; Teaching Praxis; BS PSIL University of Southern Mississippi

    Why are you involved with Montessori Education?
    As parent wanted a better way of learning how to learn for my children, as a teacher it is a very intuitive, interactive and meaningful way to engage children in their learning pathway.

    Years at Montessori International College
    2.5 years.

    How would you describe what you do?
    Learning Engagement and Enrichment Pathways (LEEP) provides for support for students, parents and teachers for children with identified learning differences and students with disabilities within the Montessori environment. The support includes internal and external support strategies, liaising with external professional, therapies and respective educational bodies to insure the most meaningful and relevant support opportunities for students and their families.

    What’s your favourite thing about your role?
    Finding new and exciting ways to engage, learn and grow.

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