Kristy PattonSenior Phase Guide (English, History and Business)

    Bachelor Social Science/Bachelor Education
    Currently completing Masters Education

    Why are you involved with Montessori Education?
    After teaching for many years in the mainstream system, I felt a little lost. I realised I needed to find a teaching and learning environment that aligned more closely with my personal values and beliefs about what education should encompass. Since joining the Montessori community I have felt that I have finally found somewhere I philosophically connect with.

    What year did you commence at Montessori International College?

    How would you describe what you do?
    In the Senior Phase I teach English, History and Business. Aside from assisting with the development of lifelong skills relevant to these subject areas, I provide support and guidance to help our young adults navigate their way through, not only school, but life in general.

    What’s your favourite thing about your role?
    Relationship building has always been something that I adore about my role as a teacher. Being about to connect with students in a meaningful way is definitely my favourite aspect of my role here at MIC.

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