Marina de JagerEvents and Community Engagement Manager

    Bachelor of Business (Tourism, Leisure and Event Management) majoring in International Business; Level 4 Diploma in Performing Associate of Trinity College London – Performance Arts; currently studying Masters in Arts and Cultural Management.

    What year did you commence at Montessori International College?

    How would you describe what you do?
    Wow, that’s an interesting question! I do a lot of interesting things… I have the exciting job of being the Imagineers Festival Director. I also work with the community, planning other events and liaising with clients who hire MIC for events.

    What’s your favourite thing about your role?
    In the morning, I can go from negotiating a sponsorship deal to organising a major act for Imagineers; in the afternoon, I can play with my huge four meter LED light up jellyfish before working with an external client to create a special event for them here on our beautiful campus. In fact, sometimes I do all of this just in a morning…! I love my job and that it is ever-changing, challenging and rewarding.

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