Mark PowellCoding Tutor

    Mark Powell started playing with Legos in the late 1960s but back then there were no intelligent bricks! He moved to New York City in 1994 to take Montessori training and taught in Montessori schools in the Boston and San Francisco Bay areas for the next 22 years. During that time he was Technology Coordinator at a traditional independent school in Oakland CA for three years, an experience which allowed him to think deeply about how to utilize digital technology meaningfully in Montessori classrooms. This is where he met his first intelligent Lego brick and discovered robotics and coding.

    Mark was a teacher trainer with the Center for Montessori Teacher Education, New York for twelve years. He has published two dozen articles on Montessori education in Montessori and other education journals, and he authored a chapter in the 2008 book A Place for Play edited by Elizabeth Goodenough.

    Mark has designed many classroom materials, several of which are now sold across the United States and internationally by companies such as Hello Wood and Nienhuis Montessori. He has delivered workshops at American Montessori Society national conferences and has consulted for dozens of Montessori schools across the U.S. and in Australia and New Zealand. After 22 years away he’s glad to be at home in Queensland at last, and teaching robotics and coding is one of his favourite things to teach children!

    B.A. in Music, Anthropology & Sociology (UQ); B.A. with Hons. in Economics & History (Univ. of NSW); 6-12 Elementary Certification (American Montessori Society, College of New Rochelle, NY); Master of Education (with MA State Certification) with specialist studies in Conflict Resolution and Peaceable Schools (Lesley University, Cambridge, MA).

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