Riette de JagerDirector/Baker
    Diploma of Performing Arts as well as Grade 5 in Performance from Trinity College London.
    Currently in her final semester of her Bachelor of Business and Arts at the University of the Sunshine Coast.


    Riette is delighted to return to MIC after studying aboard at the University of Mississippi otherwise known as Ole Miss during 2016 and 2017. At Ole Miss she was the assistant director for the university’s main stage production of Dark of the Moon as well as writing and directing her own show for the International Student Festival. Before her adventure, she worked at MIC as the dance specialist since late 2014 producing several pieces with the students such as Matilda in 2016 with the primary students and The Salem Project in 2015 with the adolescent students. Riette’s also a passionate baker and has catered many of the MIC events including Meeting in the Middle – if you’re extra nice she might let you sample the latest of her creations.

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