What is the Parent Toddler Program?

Children between the age of birth and six possess an “absorbent mind”. This almost genius capacity for mental absorption enables them to learn their native tongue, to perfect movement and internalise order. Maria Montessori observed that children also experience Sensitive Periods in their development. These are periods of special sensitivity when the child is attracted to certain stimuli in his or her environment allowing them to acquire certain knowledge and skills. These periods occur universally for all children at approximately the same age and provide the time for optimal development of that particular skill or knowledge.

Will attending the Parent Toddler Program guarantee my toddlers entry into Montessori International College?

No. Although participation in the Parent Toddler Program is taken into account there are a number of considerations when deciding who is accepted into Montessori International College, including the existing cohort, availability of places, current gender and age balance, parents’ knowledge of the Montessori philosophy and the level of commitment to the College’s 15-year program.

Why do you call the activities ‘work’?

One of the defining moments for Maria Montessori was the realisation that children’s play is their work. ‘Work’ for a Montessori has the feel of ‘play’ because it is spontaneous and self-chosen activity. Out of respect she used the term ‘work’ to describe the child’s classroom activities. For Montessori students, their ‘work’ is an expression of their natural curiosity and desire to learn.

Can I bring my toddlers younger sibling along with me to the Parent Toddler Program?

It’s not ideal as the program is a valuable opportunity for you to spend some quality one-on-one time with your toddler. But, if required, you are able to bring your younger sibling along to the sessions.

Do I receive the CCB or CCR rebate for the Parent Toddler Program session fees?

No, but you do once they enter the Early Years (3-6 years) environment.

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